Neo Ventilator

Neo Ventilator II, Vent Mini for Organ, Vent Mini for Guitar, ventilator remote


Ventilator II Rotary Effects Pedal  $499

The Ventilator II is an effects device that emulates and faithfully reproduces the famed Leslie Model 122 rotary speaker sound. The company, based in Fulda Germany, is manufacturing the Ventilator ll as a second-generation piece to its successful Ventilator and a companion to two existing “mini VENTs” designed for both guitar and keyboard. The original Ventilator was used by many high profile touring artists including Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones) and Craig Frost (Bob Seger). The Ventilator II is being used on the latest tours including Dawes, James Taylor, Styx, and many other major artists.

Housed in a rugged metal chassis measuring 6”x 5.25”x 2.25” the Ventilator II fits easily on the top of a keyboard rig or on a pedal board. Three rotary pots allow adjustment of rotor Speed Control (slow to fast), Balance, and Drive. In addition, separate pots control a unique virtual mic placement feature – one for the lo and one for the rotary high – that simulates different microphone positions for each “driver”.  Three footswitches provide Bypass, Speed Control, and Stop.

  • Independent emulations of bass and treble rotors
  • Same 800Hz crossover as original Leslie 122
  • Adjustable rotary speed and acceleration
  • Drive section simulates tube saturation of Leslie amp
  • Variable placement of birtual microphones
  • Relay-equipped true bypass circuit
  • Speaker simulation may be switched off for guitar amps
  • Port for remote footswitch
  • Controls for Fast speed, Slow speed, Balance, Acceleration, Drive, Mode (Gtr1, Gtr2, Key), Mix/Distance Lo, Mix/Distance Hi, Level, Remote select (Switch, Pedal Speed, Pedal Mix)
  • Connectors: Input L, Input R, Mono Out L, Mono Out R, Mono, Remote, 12V DC
  • Weight: 2.4 lb    Size: 6”x 5.25”x 2.25”


Ventilator Remote – $85.99

Optional: Ventilator II Remote footswitch
For use when rack-mounting or locating the Ventilator II in a remote location

• external footswitch for Slow / Fast and Run / Stop switching
• 8 different switching modes
   (incl.122 style, 760 style, latched and momentary, Slow / Fast only)
• heavy & sturdy casing for secure operation
• 5 ft. TRS cable included
• battery operated (2x AA, not included)
• extra low power consumption
  (min. 3 years of operation with fresh batteries)
• same quality switches as in the Ventilator


Vent Mini for Organ or Guitar – $349

The mini Vent II combines the functionality of its predecessors mini Vent and mini Vent for Organ. Furthermore an extended parameter set allows for even more detailed fine tuning of custom rotary sounds. Parameters now include SPEED, BALANCE, DRIVE, DISTANCE and MODE (GIT / KEY). While the hardware remains the same, the new mini Vent II is a much more flexible device, enabling classic sounds as well as effects apart from the rotary main stream. Two different settings can be saved to memory and be selected by the A-B switch on the back of the unit. The effect algorithm has been further improved, now using a smoother modulation curve for the Distance parameter. Therefore the basic sound is identical to the top-of-the-line model Ventilator II. The Switch Mode Routine allows the user to change functions of the foot switches, e.g. using the BYPASS switch as STOP switch while BYPASS is selected by pressing both switches at once. Here’s an overview of the features:

  • Compact enclosure, 4″ X 4″ x 1 1/2″  (10 x 10.5cm)
  • Footswitches for Bypass, Slow/Fast
  • LEDs for Bypass, Lo Rotor Speed, Hi Rotor Speed
  • Internal Stop Function for the rotors
  • Mono input
  • Stereo output
  • Input Gain select (Hi / Lo)
  • Extended parameter set (Speed, Balance, Drive, Distance, Mode)
  • Bypass Status memorized on power off
  • New modulation curve for the Distance function (same as Ventilator II)
  • Only one model for guitar and organ
  • Switch Mode routine for customizing foot switch functions
  • Factory Reset option
  • Includes 12 volt universal power supply with 4 adaptors to use anywhere in the world

Please note: All Ventilator products utilize the same 12V DC power supply. We recommend using the factory supply for best results.